Billing / Office Department: Tracy Stoddard brings the feminine intuition to our mostly manly world and constant grace, she welcomes you.

Office telephony/appointments:
Kate Gibbs is the dedicated, sociable office guru ready to book your appointment.

All Things Asian:
Eric Nelson has been focusing on fixing Asian and domestic vehicles for a while. He’s thrilled to be working with our latest, state-of-the-art technology and is also taking very well to the challenges offered by our more German work load.

All Things: Heath Piester

Subaru service and repair:
Laura Alexander, our Subaru expert, found her way to us from a well-known local Subaru specialty shop. She rounds out our experience and expertise very well and has brought many new fans and friends our way.

Last, but not least:
Owner, father, head mechanic:
Dominic Lydon