Billing / Office Department: Tracy Stoddard brings the feminine intuition to our mostly manly world and constant grace, she welcomes you.

Office telephony/appointments:
Kate Gibbs is the dedicated, sociable office guru ready to book your appointment.

Eric Nelson: Eric came to us with lots of experience in Asian and domestic auto repair, he sought us out to add German to his skill set. His particular interest has gravitated to BMW and we are happy to have made him the BMW guy in the shop,  by now he has gained huge amounts of experience on BMW especially late model. From engine changes  to frequent  N20/N26 timing chain updates and repairs, to turbo changes and module install with programming and coding on our Icom Next and or Autologic Bluebox, Assyst Plus or now the new DrivePro, Eric is the man to take our BMW service farther than any other independent around.

Heath Piester: Heath is the newest tech in the fold. Heath has many years working on cars and trucks under his belt. He is our choice to push the Mercedes  towards. Thorough and neat are his best attributes, he doesn’t back down from many challenges and enjoys the broad variety we see on a daily basis.

Last, but not least:
Owner, father, head mechanic:
Dominic Lydon: the VW, Audi and BMW guy, up for any challenge and still out there in the shop every day making sure your car is getting the love you want it to get.


Autobahn Service
1851 North Main St.
Sheffield, MA 01230