Conveniently located on Route 7 in Sheffield, Massachusetts, we at Autobahn
Service are committed to providing you comprehensive auto repair at a fair price.

We’re committed to providing you the same quality and care we expect from others in our community. Our clients are our doctors, nurses, our lawyers, the waiters and waitresses who serve us and those who own the restaurants we eat at.

All of us at Autobahn live here in the Berkshires. We rent, we have mortgages, we worry about our taxes, our children attend local schools.

We have all had car problems, large and small. Seeing that check engine light come on. Brakes that squeal. Worn out shocks.

We know how critically important it is to have a safe and reliable car. And we’ll take your automotive problems as seriously as we take our own car troubles.

Because it is the right thing to do. And because you are our friends and neighbors.


From time to time we’ll be writing about cars, the best and worst, the consummate driving machines and the clunkers. So please check our blog.
Here’s a bit about an Automobile Autobahn Loves: The C5 Audi Allroad
Click here.


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